Braun multi groomer

Braun multi groomer

Braun multi groomer

Shave, trim & style. All in one.

Braun multi groomer video

Does everything to make you look good.

Braun multi groomer with Click&Lock comb, twistable Dual trimmer & SmartFoil

Adjustable Click&Lock comb

for precise beard styling and easy handling.

Twistable Dual Trimmer

with wide side for efficient trimming and narrow side for precise contours.

Extra wide shaver head with SmartFoil

for an efficient and smooth shave where you want it.

Braun multi groomer with Click&Lock comb, twistable Dual trimmer & SmartFoil

Braun multi groomer - Trim, Style & Shave



Braun multi groomer with Click&Lock comb

Click&Lock comb for precise styling.

Simply adjust the Click&Lock comb to trim hair to 4 exact lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm, 6mm). All you need, always precise. The 1.2mm comb is especially designed to give you this 3-day-beard look.

Braun multi groomer with twistable trimmer

Twist and style your contours.

The twistable trimmer with a narrow and a wide side gives you precise control over your beard contours. Define lines and edges, no matter how detailed they are.

Braun multi groomer with extra wide SmartFoil

Shave your style.

The extra wide shaver head is equipped with a flexible SmartFoil, for a smooth and clean shave in only few strokes.

Braun multi groomer with dual battery system

Dual battery for powerful performance.

For consistent results even in tough conditions, the dual battery system keeps trimming power constant. A full charge takes only 1 hour and gives you 30 min of cordless performance. A 5 minutes quick charge is already enough for 1 trim.

Braun multi groomer is 100% waterproof.

100% waterproof.

Use in the shower for convenience. Rinse with running water for easy cleaning (certified to IPX7 standard).

Some more very practical features.

Braun multi groomer featuring Charging LED, automatically voltage & charging stand

Charging LED

An LED light informs about charging status.

Adjusts voltage automatically

The Braun multi groomer automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V. It works in practically every country on this planet.

Charging stand

The charging stand is convenient and keeps the Braun multi groomer always ready.

Braun multi groomer with various attachments

Braun multi groomer featuring waterproof

Waterproof (IPX 7 certified)

Braun multi groomer featuring adjustable Click&Lock combs

Adjustable Click&Lock combs

Braun multi groomer featuring  twistable dual trimmer

Twistable dual trimmer

Braun multi groomer featuring  extra wide SmartFoil

Extra wide SmartFoil

Braun multi groomer featuring powerful dual battery system

Powerful dual battery system

Braun multi groomer featuring charging led

Charging LED

Braun multi groomer featuring auto voltage

Auto voltage

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